What you can do

There are a lot of ways of supporting the association. How?

  1. Become a volunteer!

Donate your time for the activities of the association in Italy and outside. For instance, you could be of great help in the organisation of fundraising events ( stands at jumble sales and local handicrafts or antiquities trade fairs or any other fundraising activity), in the daily administration and communication of the association, in the organisation of events such as the Festival dei Boschi, in the training activities, in the animation of cultural groups, in the accompaniment of social interventions.

  1. Become supporting associate

If you do not have time or the opportunity to get involved in the practical activities, you can also become supporting associate. You will be informed about the activities and appointments of the association and, in specific occasions (fundraising, support to specific projects) support us economically as well.

  1. Become a donator

Support us through regular or punctual donations for the several activities of the association in Italy and all over the world. Through punctual reports, we will report the initiatives we carried out also thanks to your support. 4 programs are currently being developed: “Leitura do Mundo” and “Sel dans l’eau” in Haiti, “Popoli in movimenti” in Ventimiglia, “Art-educazione in Italia” at the Festival dei Boschi.

If you need more information or you wish to get in touch with us, email us at info@popolinarte.org 

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