Wool Time

Since 2016 “Tempo di lana” is an initiative taking place in the locals of the association in Sanremo (via Galilei) in the area linking the popular neighbourhood of Borgo and the one of Baragallo. In this space, a group of women from Italy and Maghreb meet on a weekly basis. They belong to different generations and cultures. During this moment they exchange hand-knowhows and life stories in a simple way. Knitting stitches, recipes, the art of the Moroccan makeup … it’s a story of closeness. In the current social year, the meetings are taking place every Wednesday from 2PM to 4PM with a tea and the end! The meetings are free and are led by our member Marilena. In the premises you can find wool of all kinds to prepare, for yourself or your family, several handicrafts. With these wools the participants produced several beanies worn by migrants transiting in Ventimiglia. The sessions of Moroccan makeup are always much appreciated.