No Border Arts

Under the name “Sconfinarte” we propose cultural initiatives lasting a few hours during which artists from different disciplines meet and experiment one another the art of the other, in a harmonious movement from one art to the other. 

The events are open to the public for a free popular offer. The public becomes protagonist of the cultural event. The trespassing spreads out from the exchange between artists to the exchange between artists and participants. It is a continuous creative making and remaking proper to each form of art and craftmanship. 

“Sconfinarte” places the artist on the same level of the participants and activates him as art-educator. 

“Sconfinarte” can follow a topic the participants can debate on afterwards. “Sconfinarte” is an experience that can open gates of dialogue in difficult and/or conflictual social contexts and always amuses making everyone active and part of the ongoing story.