Art-education Events

Using the art-education method, we launched, since 2015, a series of cultural initiatives in the province of Imperia such as the “Festival dei Boschi” in San Romolo (near Sanremo) and “Sconfinarte” in the whole province of Imperia.

The “Festival dei Boschi” is an art-education festival using popular arts (popular music, circular dances, mime, theatre, painting, land-art, handicrafts with wood, stone, clay, gourd, wool and yarn, hiking, bike rides, sky observation) that takes place in the historical “Prato di San Romolo”. This festival is open to a wide public, from families to adults and young people; from sportspeople to sedentary people. It takes place every year, the first Sunday of august. In this occasion the artists, still providing their professionality, are placed on the same level of the participants that become part of the party and not simple users or spectators. The art-educator artists support and foster the encounter between everybody triggering creative qualities present in everyone. Creating to be togheter, creating also to have fun. 

“Sconfinarte” are artistical events during which two or three artists of different disciplines experiment the contamination between their forms of art together with anyone willing to take part. These events can either focus on a specific topic or just be an opportunity to be together, creating again opportunities of encounter among people. The encounters are open to anyone, without any limit of age. They can take place within 4 walls or in the open air, in space dedicated to artistic practices, but also, and it is even better, revitalizing peripherical spaces. So far, “Sconfinarte” events took place in Sanremo, Badalcco and Ventimiglia.