Partnership with PEPH organizers of community education in Haiti

The PEPH (the association of the promoters of popular education in Haiti), is the autonomous fruit of years of training that Popoli in Arte carried out between 2011 and 2013 in Haiti mainly with teachers of the Saint Charles’ school in Croix des Bouquets. 

Since 2013, the teacher’s group that you can see started re-investing in their own communities what they learned and the methodology through which they learned it. Consequently, in Lilavois, Bon Repos in Croix des Bouquets, in Pétion-ville in Port-au-Prince; outside the capital area in St. Marc and Marchand Dessalines towards the North, in Mirabalais towards the Est, and in Miragoane towards the south, groups of people regularly met around the figure of the educators. Each of them, according to their specific personal story and according to their territory, gave birth to diversified groups: students and teachers in St. Marc, peasants in Marchan Dessalines, parents in Bon Repos etc. They all started to reflect on their own reality following the steps of the popular education in a progressive process of conscientisation and engagement for the community they live in. Some group met to promote formative meetings, other to activate experiences of volunteering serving their communities, initiatives that can be defined as “self-development from the bottom”. 

The PEPH started in 2016 a long process to become an Association according to the Haitian law, recognized by the Ministry of Social Affairs  in 2018. The current coordinator is Felix Edrice, math teacher. The PEPH aims at keeping on supporting the communities in which it is engaged, as well as disseminating the methodology of the popular education in other contexts. 

Supporting Popoli in Arte in Haiti in partnership with the PEPH means paying the tickets of the public transports so that the educators can reach the communities; in some cases supporting the salaries of the alphabetisation teachers; supporting the organisation of formative moments with the communities (simply for food for whom, in a contest as the Haitian one, renounces to a work day to get trained); in other cases supporting self-development activities (i.e. participation to the purchase of a kit to produce chlorine or solar panels to charge their phones in villages without electricity or any other self-development initiative they try to develop). Supporting “Popoli in Arte” in Haiti also results in helping to cover the travel expenses of the volunteering associates of Popoli in Arte going there to strengthen the training of the educators. 

The average amount of a popular educator expenses in Haiti corresponds to about 30€ per month. The cost of a formative meeting amounts at roughly 150€. The cost of a 2 days national convention of popular education is of 2000€ for about 50 people. Little donations to support the self-development initiatives in the communities cost around 500€ per initiative per community.