Partnership with FDDPA association power for the defense of the Haitian farmers

With the Association FDDPA (Force for the defence of Haitian peasants), already in partnership with the Radié Resch network from Padova (Italy), we started a training course with a group of community leaders, mainly peasants, around health issues. From the first seminar in March 2016, 3 main causes of the chronical health issues of the peasants in the mountains emerged:

  • Lack of acces to potable water
  • Lack of hygienic services and their use
  • Lack of a public waste collection and disposal system.

So far, through 3 other seminars and by strengthening the awareness that communities can help each other gathering their strengths, local health agents and a health agent that supervises them all have been identified. In each community, preliminary sensibilisation meetings on hygiene took place. In some communities, they are disseminating a technique to produce chlorine that, in the correct proportions, makes water potable.

Helping Popoli in Arte in partnership with FDDPA means supporting the salary of a health agent that coordinates the activities of the local health agents in 3 communities linked to the FDDPA. It also results in paying for the travelling expenses of the local health agents, contributing to the spreading of a kit for the potabilization of water as well as the construction of dry latrines in each community.

The average budget for a home-made kit for the potabilization of water is of around 450€. The average cost for the construction of a dry latrine amounts at 2000€.