Activities in Haiti

Since 2011 “Popoli in Arte” has been in Haiti and developed several short- and long-term partnerships thanks to the happy union with the Saint Charles School of Croix des Bouquets. 

The current partners of the association are:

  • Since 2011 the school of “Saint Charles” of Croix des Bouquets, a school that provides classes from the kindergarten to high school students. Its professors followed and keep on following a training program focused on popular education. Nowadays, the school produces itself the content of the training;
  • The Peph (association of Promoters of Popular Education in Haiti), was born in Croix des Bouquets first informally in 2013 and is now formalizing its statute. For the Peph we are now supporting the activities of 15 popular educators that, in turn, animate and promote self-development projects in different localities of the island (Lilavois, Bonr Repos in Croix des Bouquets, Pétion-ville in Port-au-Prince, St Marc, Thomonde, Mirebalais, Miragoane, Marchand Dessalines);
  • Since 2016  the FDDPA (Force pour la Défense des Paysans de la Montagne) of Cabaret, historical association of peasants : with a group of 20 community leaders, peasants, and educators, we are supporting the training of several teams dealing with the hygiene as a precondition for the improvement of the sanitary conditions of their respective communities, in particular in Kayten, Dofiné, and Fondol where there are community centres linked to Popoli in Arte. Concretely, we support the diffusion of home-made methods for the production of chlorine for the potabilization of water, and spread the practice of building dry latrines.
  • Montesinos Foundation of Titanyen: support of an educational agricultural project in collaboration with the local “Brigada Dessalines” of the Landless Workers’ Movement and La Via Campesina;
  • “Butte Boyer” school of Croix de Mission, for little didactical supports.