As engagements, we mean all the practical activities inside a field of intervantion in dialogue with the theorical reflection.

Our fields of intervention are:
– the art – education activities which become greater events like the Woods’ Festival and smaller events like “Sconfinarte” / “No Border Arts” . In the Wood’s Festival more than 20 artists performer simultaneosly,  in “Sconfinarte”/ “No Border Arts” cultural and amusement occasions are on offer with the participation of two – three artists;
– the activities of socio – political engagement  for “People moving”, that’s staying among the migrants’ question today with special attention to the border Italy – France in Ventimiglia;

– the support to the self-developpement activities in Haiti in the comunities of Miragoâne, Mirebalais, Thomonde, Lilavois in Croix des Bouquets, Bon Repos, Pétion-ville, St. Marc, Marchand Dessalines in partnership with  Peph, the Association of the Promoters of Community Education in Haiti from Croix des Bouquets, Haiti;

– the support to activities of hygien and prevention from deseases in Haiti in the communities of  Cabaret, Fondol, Katyen, Dofiné  and others in partnership with FDDPA, the Association “Strenght for the Defense of the Rights of the mountain Peasants” from Cabaret, Haiti and in partnership with Rete Radié Resch, Group of Padova;

– the activities of  “Time for wool”, that’s the exchange of knowledge with the hands since the knitting art by a group of Italian and North African women in the bourough of  Borgo and Baragallo in Sanremo.