With engagement, we refer to all the practical activities that take place within a field of intervention in dialogue with the theoretical reflection. 

The fields of intervention are:

  • Activities of art-education in events such as the “Festival dei Boschi” or “Sconfinarte”. More than 20 artists work simultaneously during the “Festival dei Boschi”. In “Sconfinarte” ludico-cultural activities are offered by two or three artists. A wide art-education program is being carried out since 2018 in Ventimiglia and Vallecrosia. It links the support of specific territories with initiatives of urban requalification (graffiti) in direct cooperaton with the local communities and their aggregation centres. 
  • Activities of socio-political engagement for “Popoli in movimento’ (Peoples in movement); namely being active around the issue of migration, today with particular attention at the border between Italy and France, in Ventimiglia. 
  • The support of activities of self-development in Haiti in the communities of Miragoâne, Mirebalais, Thomonde, Lilavois in Croix des Bouquets, Bon Repos, Pétion-ville, St. Marc, Marchand Dessalines in partnership with PEPH (association des Promoteurs de l’Education Populaire à Haiti, the association of Promoters of Popular Education in Haiti) from Croix des Bouquets, Haiti.
  • The support of activities of hygiene and disease prevention in Haiti in the communities of Cabaret, Fondol, Katyen, Dofiné and others in partnership with FDDPA (association Force for the Defense of the Mountains’ Peasants’ Rights in Cabaret, Haiti) and the Radié Radié Resch network form Padova. 
  • The mutual aid activities taking place in the premises of the association in Sanremo’s neighbourhoods of Borgo and Baragallo (from knitting meetings to informal meetings)