Freire Circle

From 2009 to 2019, in the province of Imperia, the “Circolo Freire” was a monthly space of dialogue on educational, cultural, social and political topics, following the methodology of the popular education through meetings. No one is a teacher, and no one is a student in absolute terms. We all teach and learn together through the mediation of the world, as Paolo Freire used to say. From time to time, a member of the group facilitates the collective reflexion and learning on a selected topic. 

In a first time, the object of the meetings were the texts of Freire. We then moved on to a phase where we would go back to the stories of personal engagement in light of Freire’s thought. Finally, we concentrated on a single topic during several meetings. The Circolo is a space of dialogue without preclusions. This experience nourished and still nourishes other personal and/or collective engagement stories of the members of the Circolo Freire in the province of Imperia. The Circolo also started an experience of popular study of Antonio Gramsci.