Community education

By training/popular education we refer to courses thought for formal and informal groups, schools and Universities during which we propose the popular education as a methodology for educational, didactic, cultural, social and political projects. 

During the years, according to the different cases, we provided courses and support to groups in Italy, Brazil and Haiti.

More specifically, João Simão Neto and Vania Lima da Silva carried out eight courses in 2007 for teachers of the province of Imperia in Sanremo and Ventimiglia, educators from the province of Imperia linked to the Council of Ventimiglia and Camporosso Mare, social workers in Milan through the “Studio Excursus” and Educational Sciences students of the University of Bari.

In 2009 in Sanremo, we promoted an important and comprehensive course of popular education with several educators (Paolo Vittoria, Roberto Mazzini, Eduardo Martinelli, Intunda Na Montche) for would-be popular educators that gave birth to the “Circolo Freire” after a formative complement in the don Gino Piccio’s Cascina G. 

In 2009, in Brazil, Maria Paola carried out several sessions of popular education for the youth of Recife’s Program of Cultural Animation and the educators of the Casa Meloto from Olinda. 

In 2011 -2012, during the partnership with the association “Solmansi onlus” from Rome, through our member Maria Paola Rottino, we carried out a program of popular education with a group of teachers from the 8 primary schools of the province of Imperia within a project of familiarisation and solidarity with Africa. 

Since 2011, we have been forming a group of Haitian teachers to the popular education for an average of 40 hours per year. They now founded the Peph (association of Promoters of Popular Education in Haiti). Several members of Popoli in Arte participated to the training: Maria Paola Rottino, Anna Zumbo, João Simão Neto, Paola Mazzucchi, Luca Guerreschi and the art-educator Sintia Alves da Silva.

In 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019 at the University of Genova, took place several didactic seminars about Freire and the popular education for educational sciences’ students. 

In 2016 and 2017 Mariagiovanna Italia and Anna Zumbo started a training course in art-education for the artists that took part in the Festival dei Boschi in the province of Imperia. Similarly, Maria Paola formed, in several occasions, social workers working in reception centres for migrants. 

Since autumn 2017, Anna Zumbo provided training courses for the teaching of Italian to migrants under a freirian approach, in partnership with “Studio Kappa” from Asti.