Educational training

Popoli in Arte’s action and reflexion is inspired by the pedagogy of Paulo Freire together with the practices of Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed. During the years, the theoretical reflexion that underlies every kind of training workshop lead by the association’s voluntary professionals, expanded gathering Augusto Boal’s legacy and again those of don Lorenzo Milani and Danilo Dolci.

The formative activities target our own associates, the world of the education (educators, psychologists, teachers) and of the volunteering as well as universities (Science of Education students). The popular education is an approach and a method that, if applied, adapts to several contents and shapes the didactic. In political and social contexts, the popular education is, first of all, activation of processes of conscientisation: the popular educator ensures that those that are progressively involved in a process have a greater consciousness of themselves, of the others, and of the situation, always aiming at a social change, in the sense of a greater social justice. To say it with Freire, in a liberation both of the oppressed and the oppressors, overcoming the only contraposition: oppressed/oppressor.