What we do

Popoli in Arte operates through training activities as well as through a fully-fledged engagement in the promotion of a greater social justice as ultimate horizon in specific contexts in Italy and abroad. 

When doing education, Popoli in Arte disseminates the popular education methodology in which converges mainly the thought of Paulo Freire and Augusto Boal (inventor of the Theatre of the Oppressed). But we also work with democratic and progressist approaches to education such as those of Danilo Dolci and don Milani. 

When engaging, step by step, in specific contexts, according to choices and/or thousands of life encounters, we open collaborations and support groups of “oppressed”. We then become part of their stories. The collaborations evolve according to the rhythm of life and not according to the logic of the project, fostering equal relationships with our counterparts. 

Popoli in Arte looks for, and activates, horizontal relationships.